April 30th, 2005 Double D's.
2 words: SOLD OUT! I thought the show was amazing. Jack Strike did a fab job from behind the sound board. WDHA was more than accommodating with the advertising and the on-air interview, the radio spot was so well done, the club was welcoming and comfortable,  and the band and my voice were on the money. We had Tracey and Sarah assisting on backing vocals and it is always a special treat to hear a big outro on "Am I The One". But for me, the fans were just out of control. There were so many people from back in the day. The Park Villa day, The Club Bene day, the Fastlane day, that club in Elizabeth that I can never remember the name of day. I saw Xenon t-shirts that were 10 and 15 years old. And there they all were, fists pumping, singing along, just like 1989. I remember just before we hit the stage, feeling like I was at the Cat Club in NYC. I could feel the anticipation of the crowd and smell that distinctive aroma of cigarettes and Budweiser wondering how it would affect my voice. (it wouldn't be a Xenon gig if Joey didn't worry about something)  My entire body tensed up as the first notes of "Am I The One" began. I was well into the first chorus before I could breathe. (I have always hated that) By the time we started So Hard, I was immersed into the music, I had lost myself in the set and I was on auto-pilot. (I have always loved that)
But once again it was the fans, one by one sharing stories about past Xenon shows, and songs that had resonated with them at one time or another. As a songwriter and performer, it is a truly special and flattering experience to have a fan identify with something you've written and have them tell you that a song--your song, defined for them a particular moment in time. That is a priceless gift to receive and I am honored to hold such an esteemed place in some of your lives.

I am lucky to have a wonderful group of friends that share the same musical tastes as myself and still enjoy spending time together playing music with me after 20 years. Yes, they always have to drag me kicking and screaming to every gig, and if they didn't, I wouldn't have had the opportunity to enjoy this evening. So I thank them.
It is very easy to enlist people to cart around your shit when you are 20 years old. Your friends are just looking to have some fun and they don't have any real responsibility. It's a night out for them, and who knows, maybe they'll hook up with a hot little thing. Well, now we are all 40, with herniated discs from carrying around our kids for the past 15 years, and still we are blessed with friends who consider lugging around drum risers and Marshall stacks a good night out. Thanks guys!.

Oct. 17th, 2004 Crossroads.
Very intimate setting. A small benifit to help out Joey's sister who was running for town council. We did a short Xenon set and then brought friends up to play a few covers and have a bit of fun!

Feb. 20th, 2004 The Count Basie Theater.
Opened for Living Colour and TM Stevens.

December 20th, 2003 The Cup Entertainment Complex.
Reunion Show
It took a lot of poking and proding, but after we were back together and playing it felt like being home. Some things will always just fit. It's nice to see that afer 7 years, there are still die-hard Xenon fans around.

March 23rd, 1997 Club Bene.
We've decided to do a few openers and this is the first, opening for Bonham. We hit the stage at 8:00pm sharp, so I don't want to hear you crying that you missed the gig. Jason is supposed to be doing this Led Zep tribute that is pretty kicking, we'll let you know.

February 14th, 1997 (Valentine's Day)
Birch Hill Entertainment Complex, Old Bridge, NJ
hmmm...never realized what Feb. 14th was when we booked the gig. Regardless, everyone came with their companions and significant others and the joint was rockin. I noticed you've all been practicing your singing. There is truly nothing more gratifying than writing a lyric that several hundred people sing along with you at a gig Purchased a fan for the front of the stage, so I kept from vomitting. Opening acts were Section 8, and Rattlebone. When is SOMEBODY going to discover Section 8??? We were vidotaped for a drumming video arcade game to be released later this year. Don't be surprised if you're strolling down the aisle of your fav arcade and hear the beckoning sound of a Xenon tune and our beautiful mugs taunting you to drop a few bucks to play this intense game. We'll keep you posted on it's progress.

November 27th, 1996. (Thanksgiving eve)
Club Bene, Sayerville, New Jersey.
Support groups are Section 8, never convinced Poley to get Bone Machine up there to do some stuff off his excellent new disc, Disappearing Inc. We had a blast and a really fun gig. Debuted the new songs, "Circus Time", "We Shake", and "Everybody". Response was absolutely fabulous. We played "After Tonight" which is an unbelievable crowd favorite, considering we've never recorded it. We also did an acoustic version of "China Sky" All thing's considered, pretty bitchin...

February 3rd, 1996
Mothers, in Wayne, New Jersey.
It was the day after that huge snowstorm. We weren't expecting many fans, but once again you've surprised us. After a little bitching, Joey got the fog machine turned down. The smoke cleared and we had a blistering set. Sure, we made a zillion mistakes, but we were so loose, it came off beautifully.

November 22, 1995
Club Bene in Sayreville, New Jersey.
A great time was had by all. Joey had an anxiety attack and almost vomitted from the excessive fog machine smoke Tolga proved he actually HAS friends (although, I think they were hired. It was "Homecoming" for the SOU alumni with just about everyone from the WSOU roster in attendance We had a great time seeing everyone again Hopefully, you were there!

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